Query parameters

The API supports four query parameters. The basic building block of queries is the search parameter. Use it to “filter” requests to the API by looking in specific fields for matches. Each endpoint has its own unique fields that can be searched.

  • search: What to search for, in which fields. If you don’t specify a field to search, the API will search in every field.
  • sort: Sort the results of the search by the specified field in ascending or descending order by using the :asc or :desc modifier.
  • count: Count the number of unique values of a certain field, for all the records that matched the search parameter. By default, the API returns the 1000 most frequent values.
  • limit: Return up to this number of records that match the search parameter. Large numbers (above 100) could take a very long time, or crash your browser.
  • skip: Skip this number of records that match the search parameter, then return the matching records that follow. Use in combination with limit to paginate results.