Anatomy of a response

Responses for non-count queries are divided into two sections, meta and results.


For non-count queries, the meta section includes a disclaimer, a link to the openFDA data license, and information about the results that follow.

  • meta.disclaimer

    Important details notes about openFDA data and limitations of the dataset.

  • meta.license

    Link to a web page with license terms that govern data within openFDA.

  • meta.last_updated

    The last date when this openFDA endpoint was updated. Note that this does not correspond to the most recent record for the endpoint or dataset. Rather, it is the last time the openFDA API was itself updated.

  • meta.results.skip

    Offset (page) of results, defined by the skip query parameter.

  • meta.results.limit

    Number of records in this return, defined by the limit query parameter. If there is no limit parameter, the API returns one result.


    Total number of records matching the search criteria.


For non-count queries, the results section is an array of matching records.